Ephemeral - Botanical Photography Study


Ephemeral Botanical Photography Study of wild orchids by fine art photographer Raquel Stephenson. Ephemeral is an intimate study of an evanescent world that exists on the urban fringe, where wild places are vanishing as they feel the encroaching impact of rapid urbanisation. This work shows the wild orchid in its sensitive environment, the fleeting moments of its existence, and its vulnerability to habitat loss. We hike the foothills and the heights of the Outeniqua Mountain Range whenever we can escape there, and in the last five years we have captured the material for Ephemeral and In pursuit of Eden. Our photographic exploration of the wild orchids and their environment has been fuelled by our passion: we strive to preserve natural beauty and Wilderness. Without the knowledge that the Wilderness is simply there, waiting to be explored, waiting for our children and our children’s children, something vital in our souls perishes. Through this exhibition we hope to awaken a spirit that sees the world differently.