“We must remember that a photograph can hold just as much as we put into it,
and no one has ever approached the full possibilities of the medium.”
~ Ansel Adams


Create Photography boasts two degree-trained photographers, Colin Stephenson and Raquel Stephenson with a combined total of 30 years of commercial photographic experience. Formal training followed by apprenticeships with top national photographers has laid a strong foundation for our work. We are continually pushing the boundaries in terms of our personal skill set and technical prowess. In 2003 The couple setup a Photographic studio in the Garden Route. The professional photographic studio provides both a day light and studio flash lighting options for editorial portraits, products or food. Create Photography also spend a lot of time on location working with a combination of natural light, flash and portable flash lighting to capture editorial, architectural, interior and travel Photography.

Both Colin Stephenson and Raquel Stephenson are members of the Professional Photographers of South Africa as well as members of Nikon’s Professional Photography technical support program. Producing personal portfolios of landscape and botanical photography has seen their work included in the Cape Town month of photography, and the photographers have been involved in many group exhibitions as well as a joint solo exhibit in the well know Cape Gallery in Cape Town.

Although we are always open to new photographic projects and experiences, Create Photography focuses particularly on Architecture, Interiors, Editorial, Environment, Travel, Food and Product photography.

Colin Stephenson

Colin Stephenson (BTech Fine Art, NMMU, Photography)
After completing a Fine Art Degree at the NMMU and taking an additional year to complete a second Major in Photography, I worked for a highly-regarded Cape Town advertising photographer for a year. This was followed by a year in a top UK magazine publishing house, working in the design and production department. I then returned to Cape Town for a year’s post-graduate studies in Design and New Media, refining a technical skill set to complement my Fine Art and Photography training. After freelancing in Cape Town, I returned to the UK to run a small design team for an agency with years of heritage. This role, and the lessons learned within the agency from very experienced colleagues, set the stage for the leap into starting my own agency. So, on returning to South Africa with new ideas and a well-rounded skill set, CREATE DESIGN ™ was launched.

From humble beginnings we have established a strong brand. We have great clients, many of whom have allowed us to push the boundaries and grow as a company and as individuals. Personal projects, setting goals, further studies, an honours degree in Photography … I like to keep the challenge fresh. I blur the lines between work and play, pleasure becomes productive and the creative flame keeps burning.

The cornerstone of our company is passion – for small details, for huge projects. No matter what we are involved in, we remain passionate about what we do, from the everyday running of the business and client service to the really fun part – the design and photography, creating a product from a blank sheet of paper. For me CREATE DESIGN ™ is not a just a business. It is an extension of who I am.

Raquel Stephenson

Raquel de Castro Maia (BTech Fine Art, NMMU, Illustration & Photography)
I am in awe of the wonders of life – all life – and the miricle that it is.

My work displays the infinite details and the vast expanses of life and nature; it explores my South African heritage; it reveals intimately personal moments in portraits and illustrations.

Infused with youthful enthusiasm and exuberance, my approach is tempered and balanced by over 11 years of experience in the Fine Art disciplines of design, illustration and photography.

My love for creativity through Art and images stems from my childhood. I wanted to be an artist. I wanted to be a ballerina. And I was fortunate. Born to a very artistic family, I have always been encouraged to explore my artistic inclinations. I am hugely grateful to my family and friends – they have always supported my wildest dreams, and I have been able to make most of them a reality.

After obtaining my HND in Fine Art at NMMU with majors in printmaking, illustration and photography, I expanded these skills by doing a diploma in computer graphics and online media at a college in Cape Town. From there my skills were further developed by working in Cape Town & in the UK. I have worked for leading design, photography and broadcast agencies, both nationally and internationally.

Since 1999, my work has been exhibited in major shows throughout South Africa and published in Camera Image, South Africa and Smooch Design Magazine, Australia.

Founding CREATE DESIGN ™ with Colin Stephenson is a wild dream come true. I cannot detach myself from this amazing company and think of it as a business. It is simply not a business – it is a way of being. It embodies our striving for excellence, growth and experience. It is a living, growing, energetic entity – a metaphor for who we are and what we love. It adorns our every day.